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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BOMs Away - Late Edition

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
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I'm sorry I completely forgot about posting for BOMs Away the other night. It was a strange week for our family. Thursday morning, I was pin-basting "Plums in November" between 20-minute-spaced stirrings of my simmering oat groats. The timer rang, I planted my hand on the floor to get up (a cumbersome process with a half-healed hip flexor), and the next thing I knew, my brain was saying, "Whaat the hell?" while coming to with a nasty-painful jaw/neck/head, and a hand coming away from my neck with fresh and half-congealed blood on it. It's all been assigned to not having eaten yet, being dehydrated, and fainting. In the fall, I landed squarely on the wings of a fairy lamp in the window sill, which effected a strong upper cut to the jaw accompanied with a good stabbing there. I had to spend the entire day at the ER while they made sure I hadn't had a heart attack to cause the fainting (because I had zero memory of any light-headedness), and to do stitches on the gaping wound. 

Isn't is lucky that I wasn't working on a white-based quilt? Non of the blood stains is findable on this.  :)   And it amuses me that the broken fairy wings that knocked me out are color-coordinated.

Always the competitive one, my sister over in Idaho had almost the same experience on Sunday morning!!  She fainted in the shower, fell, and knocked herself out with a blow to the back of the head on the counter. So she got to spend the entire day at the ER checking for heart attack and brain bleeding with the concussion she got. No stitches, though.  :)

It was so bizarre that this happened to both of us in a couple days' span. Neither one of us has been in the ER more than one other time, years and years and years ago. We don't have any similar health issues or blood work clues. Just weird~!


So anyway, I didn't feel like working on Wind in the Whiskers with all that going on. Did you guys work on your BOMs?  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Welcome to the Link-Up for BOMs Away Mondays!
We'd love to see the BOM you're working on lately.
This week's link-up is at the bottom of the post.

The back of my mind has been on France all weekend. My heart grieves with them and applauds their bravery and actions. I feel impatience with those here who belittle the outpouring of solidarity with Parisians because other attacks don't receive as much media attention. I think a lot of factors made the difference between what is publicly shown for France here in the U.S. as compared to such attacks as that on Beirut. It's not at all that people don't care about Beirut. It's more that the majority of us here have a connection to Paris that isn't there with Beirut. Paris is visited by many of us, our Statue of Liberty comes from France, and despite our countries' quibblings over the years, the fact remains that France was our first ally. Paris, like London, is dear to the heart of many Americans, and so we identify strongly with them when they experience tragedies. My heart grieves also for Beirut and other places that are in turmoil - every person deserves to live in peace, and it is seriously messed up that there is so much oppression and terrorism right now. This sweet frog photo is my Facebook profile that I use sometimes when I want to say to everyone: "Take care of each other when the storms are falling." Yes, I dressed it up to express support for Paris - and no, I won't feel ashamed of doing so.  And I say to you fine folks out there: Let's each find something kind to do for those around us every day this weekend. Something a little out of our ordinary mode. It doesn't have to be big at all - just spread some positivity and give someone a smile to help counter-balance the hardship that's around us.

On my home front, things have been good this weekend, if somewhat subdued.

I got about half of the work done on this month's row of the DOD Americana BOM. 

I really love my 12" rotating mat for a bit of paper-piecing
prep and trimming in front of a movie.
Monday edit:  I finished the blocks this morning. :)

It's been a really fun weekend of family "stuff"!  Friday evening Marissa and I drove into Denver to meet up with my sister for a leisurely dinner together, since she was there from out of state for a professional convention.  

(Go, Nicole! - she had to do a presentation on her own after expecting it to be a collaboration, and did more than just fine!)  Heather and Patrick were able to join us, too!  (WOW-WOW, does this mom **love** having her grad school being an hour away instead of 1200 miles!)

Nicole and I

Yesterday we had our first "family date" with a second Air Force cadet that was added to our sponsor list. He's a fantastic young man, and I'm looking forward to learning about football from him as he's one of the freshmen players for the Academy. Dinner and a Bond movie was the perfect night for us all.

And today was a terrific quiet family day at the house, enjoying each other, a little bit of lazy movie-watching, and some cooking. As well as that bit of BOM work on the side. I love my peeps!!


How did things go at your end? - Did you do any work on BOMs this last week or so?